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The white Pomeranian is a very long-lived breed, it can live between 15 and 18 years. However, if we want our puppy to live for many years, we must take care of it properly. In this sense, we will have to take into account several basic aspects that will not suppose any effort if we carry them out day by day, such as feeding and hydration, play and rest, the health of the dog, and the care of the hair and teeth. Besides, as it is logical, to give him all our affection.

Happy Pomeranian Blanco

Care of the white Pom dogs

  • Always have a freshwater trough every day and keep it full.
  • Also, have a dry feed trough full so that our white Pomeranian can eat everything he wants. In the first days, we should control what our puppy eats because of the stress of the trip he may not eat. So we will put a handful of feed in the feeder and when he has eaten it we will add more. If he does not want to eat, we can mix the feed with naturally sweetened yogurt to whet his appetite.
  • Use high-quality food, about 50 or 70 gr. a day. In our cattery for white Pomeranian puppies we use Royal Canin Mini Starter and for adults Royal Canin Mini Adult.
    It is better than the drinking bowl is not metallic so that the dog does not get scared when it sees itself reflected.
  • It is important that, on arrival at our home, our white Pomeranian puppy eats because otherwise, he could suffer hypoglycemia, that is to say, a drop in blood sugar. The symptoms of hypoglycemia are apathy, tremors, loss of balance, muscle weakness, and tremors, especially in the face. Hypoglycemia is not a disease but a syndrome of low blood sugar. There is a remedy, which is to give him a centiliter of Glucosport sold in drugstores or sugar water.
    Have a dog bed ready that is large enough for him to get up, turn around, and lay down.
  • Play with your white Pomeranian puppy and take him for walks so he can get the exercise he needs daily. You can use these sessions for teaching some tricks like fetch or sit on command.
White Pomeranian pictures

George Stubbs British,  Portrait of Mrs. French’s White Lap Dog   1782

  • Do not give white Pomeranian table scraps other than plain meat without spices. Processed foods can lead to health problems and very bad teeth.
    Discipline your Pomeranian by saying “no” in a displeased voice but do not frighten him because he will probably avoid contact because he will be afraid. It is advisable to use treats to reward your white Pomeranian when he is called and comes when he goes to his bed or sits on command.
    Keeping the nails trimmed is always important. Ask your veterinarian for the correct way to trim them.
  • Take care of their hair, it is advisable to bathe them once a month and brush them regularly. It is best not to bathe them too much, as the loss of essential oils can damage skin and coat. See this video where it is explained in detail.
    Trim the hair around the anus or shave it to prevent fecal matter from sticking and becoming hard and causing a plug.
  • It is recommended to brush their teeth weekly, with a special toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs of their breed. There are special kinds of toothpaste for sale with flavors and even scents to prevent your dog’s breath from smelling bad.
  • Finally, give all the love and affection to your new white Pomeranian puppy.
White Pomeranian posing

Everithing you need to know to raise a Pomeranian

Pictures of White Pomeranian Puppies

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