Meet the Pomsky Breed Dog 

If you thought that everything was being invented when it comes to dog breeds, you will be surprised to know that there is a new crossbreed that is causing a furor in its country of origin. The Pomsky is a dog obtained from the crossing of a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, hence many people know it as Siberian Pomsky. The Pomsky dog is also known as the “Pomeranian husky mix”.

The new Pomsky dog breed is not yet admitted by any official canine organization, this means that for legal purposes it is not considered a breed at the moment, but a crossbreed like any other mongrel dog. However, this type of dog has some very peculiar characteristics that make it very demanded.

We are going to explain all the details about the Pomsky breed, its characteristics, its necessary care, its character, we will also comment on where you can buy a Pomsky puppy.

Origin of the Pomsky breed

The Pomsky is originally from the United States, where by accident, carelessness, or simply by making test crosses, this beautiful specimen was found. It is not known for sure who managed to make this cross for the first time or what their intentions were, but certainly, the result was surprising.

Being a relatively new breed, there is no stable breeding line, so in reality, there are several types of Pomsky dogs, with different sizes and characteristics. The most valued specimens of Pomsky are those of small size and similar appearance to a miniature Husky.

To obtain a Pomsky, two quite different breeds are crossed, the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. The Husky is active, medium-large, energetic, cheerful, and playful while the Pomeranian is medium-small, less sociable, and sometimes territorial.

However, the mixture of both gives us a medium-sized dog, with a fluffy coat and a cheerful and friendly character, what we know as a Pomsky dog.

Puppy pomsky

Physical characteristics of the Pomsky  dog

Because it is not a breed with years of breeding work behind it, there are many types of Pomsky. That is to say, there are no physical parameters that determine the weight, height, and marked characteristics of this breed, for example, happens with its parents the Siberian Husky or the Pomeranian.

However, there is a common stereotype that is the most demanded by those who want to buy a Pomsky dog. To meet the requirements or standards of this new breed, the Pomsky must be of a medium-small size, being the small size specimens the most valued.

Puppy pomsky 

Pomsky puppies are very similar to a small stuffed toy, they are small and rounded in appearance, covered with a large fluffy coat. The coat color is usually very similar to that of the Siberian Husky although not as long.

Adult pomsky 

An adult Pomsky dog can weigh at full grown between ten and fifteen kilograms, so when adult its size remains medium – small. The bigger specimens are not as valued/demanded as the small ones.
However, it is very difficult to know what a Pomsky puppy will be like as an adult since there are no traits that determine whether it will be medium or large. Some specimens genetically inherit the size of the Husky and end up being large dogs.

pomsky puppy to adult

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 Pomsky eye and coat colors 

The eye color of a Pomsky is variable, with blue being the most desirable and dark brown the most common. Like the husky, it is also possible for each eye to be a different color, bichrome. The color of the coat also varies depending on the traits of the parent, from lighter (white, gray) to darker (brown, even black).

Character of the Pomsky dog breed

The character of a Pomsky is very good in all senses, however, as we all know, it is necessary to educate them correctly since they are small, so that the coexistence between your dog and you is adequate.


Pomsky puppies are real cuddly cuddles, with a cheerful and very active character, sociable and playful. Generally speaking and with some exceptions, they love to be and play with children, with whom they share endless moments of games.


Adult Pomsky dogs are just as sociable and affectionate as puppies, provided they have been well educated of course. The difference between a puppy and an adult Pomsky is that adults need more physical activity. Going out to exercise with our dog or going for long walks is essential for him to spend all his excess energy daily.

Summarizing and at a general level, as long as the dog is well educated and socialized, the Pomsky is an active, happy, playful, and cuddly breed. Everything a person can or should expect from their puppy.

Necessary care for Pomsky dogs

Broadly speaking, the care is more or less similar to that of any other dog of its size, with some small peculiarities that we will tell you about so that you can always keep in mind.

РAdequate feeding: 

Remember that food is the basis of your dog’s health, if you choose to feed him with feed remember to choose a good quality feed. If you opt for natural food, look for information about the BARF Diet.

РVeterinary check-ups and mandatory vaccinations: 

Remember that it is mandatory to give your Pomsky dog vaccines when he is a puppy and also to give reminder vaccines when he is an adult.

– Compulsory brushing and baths:

When you see a Pomsky dog in front of you you will understand why brushing is so important for this breed. Their coat is very abundant and fluffy, so it needs to be brushed daily to avoid knots, tangles, dirt, and debris from weeds, sticks, and anything they drag around the park. A couple of baths a month is highly recommended to keep them clean, especially when the Pomsky is an adult as it is more active.

РMedium-high physical activity: 

As long as it is a puppy, it is not necessary to force it to do physical activity, just let it play as it pleases and go for a walk several times a day is enough. However, when Pomsky is an adult it is necessary to increase the physical exercise to avoid excess energy.
As you can see there is not much difference concerning other dog breeds, as far as care is concerned. We simply have to pay special attention to its coat, brush it often, and do not skip any veterinary check-up.

What is an adult Pomsky dog like? 

This breed of dog does not grow much in size, or at least not the most requested specimens. The adult Pomsky can weigh around fifteen kilos, its size is small to medium and its physical appearance is very similar to that of a Siberian Husky.

Many Pomsky dogs acquire the beautiful blue eyes of the Husky, so aesthetically they are really beautiful dogs. Their rounded features, even as adults, continue to give them a very plush-like resemblance.
Well educated, they are very healthy dogs, energetic and full of vitality and joy. They are not aggressive or territorial dogs, although if they are badly educated they can develop these bad habits.

Pomsky sitting in a chair

This breed of dog is ideal as an apartment companion, they adapt perfectly to not very large environments. Although if we have a garden where they can play and run, they will be the happiest dogs in the world.
The size of a Pomsky is variable, if it has been more towards the Husky it can be large, while if it has been more towards the Pomeranian it will be a smaller dog. The ideal or the most valued is that the mixture between the genes of the father and the mother comes out in equal parts, giving place to a Pomsky of medium size, of maximum fifteen kilos in its adult age.

An adult Pomsky is a medium sized dog and its size may vary depending on the heritage of its parents. It can be between the size of a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. The standard length full grown of an adult Pomsky is around 13 to 18 inches, weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.

Where to buy a Pomsky dog? 

Undoubtedly, before buying a dog, we recommend you consider the option of adopting. There are thousands of dogs waiting for a family in kennels and animal shelters, adopting a dog is free and you will be giving a chance to a homeless dog. You can adopt purebred dogs or mongrels, puppies, or adults, there are thousands of dogs for adoption.

If the Pomsky breed is the one you wish to have and you can’t find it in shelters, you may have no choice but to buy a Pomsky puppy from a breeder. In the United States, it is very easy to buy this breed of dog, as well as in Mexico, which thanks to its proximity to the USA have imported this new breed to their country very quickly.

However, buying a Pomsky in Europe is more complicated and on many occasions, they try to trick you with unstabilized crosses of this breed. The price of a Pomsky puppy can be between four and six hundred dolar.

You should be very cautious when buying a Pomsky because its price is very high and they can sell you a cross between Husky and Pomeranian unstabilized, which can result in a dog that does not look anything like an authentic Pomsky. If you finally decide to buy a Pomsky breed dog, be sure to ask for a Pedigree certificate for both the puppy and the parents.


It is a relatively new breed created in the USA, not very widespread in Europe, so finding good specimens is quite complicated and expensive, economically speaking.

The Pomsky is nothing more than a cross between breeds, which makes it a mongrel dog like any other. However, its physical and psychological characteristics and size make it a very attractive dog.

It requires certain care due to its immense and very thick coat. In addition to the basic care required by any other dog, such as quality food and routine medical care (check-ups and vaccinations).

Buying a Pomsky is not easy in European countries, although it is not impossible. However, in Mexico or the USA, it is quite easy, since it originated there. Remember that a dog is not its breed, but the dog itself. Before you buy, adopt.


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