Pomsky, everything you need to know

The mixed dog between Pomeranian and husky, also known as mini husky or miniature husky. Pomsky dogs are real cuddly toys of flesh and bone, really adorable little furry balls that will not leave anyone indifferent. Precisely because of its appearance, the pomsky has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

 Therefore, we continue to detail the main characteristics of this new and wonderful canine breed that has come on strong and promises to win many hearts with that tenderness that wastes wherever he goes.

If you already have a Pomsky, there is no need for me to tell you what he looks like, but for those who still don’t know him or are thinking of adopting a Pomsky, here we tell you about it.


Adult pomsky

Read on and discover curiosities, the characteristics of the pomsky, its care, and much more.

5 curiosities about the Pomsky dog

  1. Although the breed has not been recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club), the breed has its club (the Pomsky Club of America).
  2. This breed is becoming increasingly popular in service dogs and is recognized by the Official U.S. Support and Service Animal Registry.
  3. It is unknown exactly what the first Pomsky dog was.
  4. Pomsky dogs, in addition to their wolf resemblance, can howl like their primitive relatives.
  5. Gestation of Pomsky dogs is done by artificial methods to facilitate pregnancy. Usually the bitch is a Husky and Pomeranian sperm is used to inseminate her

Appearance of the Pomsky

The most ideal specimen of the pomsky looks like a long-haired husky in mini format, especially as a puppy. However, with mixes, it is not possible to predict which of the breeds will manifest itself and how. Adult pomsky dogs differ greatly from each other, i.e. there is no standard. These furry dogs usually have a shoulder height of about 30 cm, but the diversity is enormous. Husky males can reach 60 cm, while pomeranian dogs are usually about 20 cm. Therefore, there are no small or medium-sized pomsky dogs. The weight can range from 4 to 14 kilos. The coat is very dense, has different lengths, and can be white, brown, black, or gray. The blue eyes of the husky in combination with the curled tail of the Pomeranian are very popular features.

The beauty of the husky and the character of the Pomeranian

The combination with the Pomeranian is intended to combine the beauty of the husky with the flexible character of its small congener. However, in the first generation, the characteristics of the dogs cannot be predicted. Only from the second and third generation onwards can the character and appearance of the breed be determined in an arduous and knowledgeable selection process.

The Pomsky is still a mixture and the ideal would be to have purebred parents of both breeds. This contradicts the definition of an independent breed. In Europe, hybrid breeding is hardly known, while in the USA it is already very popular. Some dog fanciers also call the
pomsky huskeranian.


pomsky red brown

Character of the pomsky

The pomeranian establishes a close bond with its reference person, which is not the case with the husky. The sled dog is used to working with several people. It is not possible to predict what characteristics a pomsky will have. Nor is it predictable how the mini husky will develop the hunting instinct and thirst for freedom of its Nordic ancestors. Friends of the pomsky describe him as flexible and sociable with people.

However, the combination of two different breeds does not automatically lead to the best possible result. That is why the pomsky dog is often a box of surprises. Generally, pomskies show sympathy towards their fellow dogs because both the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian appreciate other dogs. They may tend to hunt and bark and are wary of small children.

Pomsky Health Care and Diseases

First of all, it must be said that nature does not allow the pomsky to exist. Pomeranian already in itself is difficult to breed and the breed is considered not very robust. In addition, the size difference between the two breeds is so great that mating should rarely work. Therefore, the pomsky dog is obtained by artificial insemination. Breeders use the sperm of the pomeranian and the mother is always a husky. Otherwise, the pomeranian should gestate puppies too big for her little body.

Both parent breeds are prone to eye disease. Frequent allergy and coat problems can also occur. Siberian Huskies should only be used for breeding if they have healthy hips. Also, both parents should be tested for patellar luxation to exclude this joint disease in the offspring.

As always, regular check-ups at your veterinary center are necessary to prevent major pathologies, as well as to keep the vaccination record up to date. Also, pay attention to the state of the teeth: periodic cleaning can be important to maintain good oral health.

Neither the Husky nor the Pomeranian are very friendly to the summer heat. Under the pomsky’s thick fur, heat can build up very quickly. Postpone summer excursions to the cooler hours of the morning and afternoon and make sure your furry friend has a shady spot close at hand. These dogs are not suitable for living in southern countries or hot attics. With good care, the lifespan of the Pomsky is 14 years.

Feeding your Pomsky

Whether large or small, any dog appreciates a meat-rich meal in its food bowl. Besides, their health also benefits from a high meat content. That’s why it’s important to make meat the main ingredient in his food, regardless of whether you feed him to feed or wet food. Small breed puppies, to which a young pomsky will most likely belong, need small kibble. Later on, you will also need to feed him a properly sized kibble.

Stick to the amount recommended by the manufacturer and include treats in the calculation of the daily ration. Especially if you train a lot with your dog and use food as a stimulus, it is advisable to use kibble as a reward. In this way, the furry one earns the food without forcing the calorie count too much. As snacks for chewing, there are small beef skin bones or dried pieces of a belly. However, do not give them unsupervised. Remember that the pomsky should always have fresh water available. In summer, take a bottle with you with a travel water bottle for your furry one if you go on long excursions.

Precautions to take with your puppy

No matter how small the pomsky dog is, it has a lot of hair. It combines the dense coat of the Nordic dog with the equally luxurious coat of the Pomeranian. These dogs can lose a lot of hair during the molting season. Therefore, it is advisable to brush them thoroughly every other day. In the warmer months, Pomsky dogs lose even more hair. Lovers of the breed recommend brushing them twice a day at this time. Otherwise, the floor gets full of hair right away.

They only need to be bathed if they are very dirty; in general, brushing is enough to remove the dried dirt. If he needs a bath, use a mild dog shampoo to avoid damaging his skin. Trim his nails with a special nail clipper as soon as he starts to make a noise when he walks. If you are afraid to do it yourself, the vet can help you with the pedicure.

In this video you will see a fantastic guide to the Pomsky. It will surely help you get to know the breed even better.

Activity, exercise and training of a Pomsky dog 

Pomeranian dogs like to play with their handler, but huskies prefer to go their own way. If you get your Pomsky used to playing together from a young age, there’s a good chance you’ll win him over to paired fun in the long run. Try to find an activity that you both enjoy. For example, you can practice small dog agility or tricks. However, it is quite possible that the husky’s independent nature will predominate and the furry one will only want to practice when he feels like it. The pomsky dog can have a lot of fun with outdoor activities and intelligence games. With proper training, adult and medium-sized dogs make good companions for running short routes. Just don’t overload him to keep him having fun running with you.

Guidelines to consider before training a Pomsky

First and foremost, be clear that training any dog is not an easy task, nor one in which you will get immediate results.

It is important to maintain a consistent attitude in training, to create a routine that we can follow without getting discouraged. This will be the best way to get results.

Positive reinforcement with treats or hugs and affection is better than correction by harsh methods.

The optimal age to adopt a puppy is between 6 and 10 weeks, which is also the optimal age to introduce him to society. Let it meet other animals if there are any in the house and other members of the family. In the case of adopting an adult Pomsky, the introduction in society should be done progressively and paying attention, especially with small children. Due to its origins as a hunter, it is necessary to be very careful if we have rodents as pets at home.

Until 6 months of age, puppy training should not be considered. It is enough to teach habits of cleanliness, schedules, games, and walks, in addition to socialization. Between 6 and 8 months is the optimal age to begin training that is considered.

Is the pomsky a suitable dog for me? 

Sled dog or lap dog: it is difficult to predict how the pomsky will evolve. The future caretaker of a pomsky should love nature and do many things with him outdoors. Although long walks are not possible with small pomskies, they are also not suitable for the city due to their sled dog heritage. A lapdog is also not this little nature lover. It is best to have some experience with dogs to be able to deal with difficult combinations of husky and pomeranian characters.

A house with a garden would be ideal. But beware: if you leave him alone in the garden, he might start barking at passers-by. Also, huskies are expert escapists, so close the garden tightly. If the pomsky lives with a family, the children should be at least elementary school age. Many pomskies do not trust young children. If the Husky-Pomeranian mix has known cats since puppyhood, living together usually works. In case of having small rodents at home, you should be careful, as this dog likes to hunt.

If you like the pomsky for its appearance, you should first understand the characteristics of the husky and the pomeranian. Consider getting a pomsky only if you like the nature of both breeds and you are not lazy to take care of it.

Where can I find a pomsky?

The pomsky is a designer dog, that is, it was created by intentionally mating two breeds. Therefore, it cannot be purchased from a breeder affiliated with a Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) association. Many breeders of designer dogs benefit from the current fashion for hybrid dogs. So, you can buy a furry one without association affiliation or health and character testing for a lot of money. After all, breed mixes are all the rage.

Before buying a designer dog, we recommend that you take a look at the recognized breeds. For example, a medium or small spitz is a great alternative for those who have succumbed to the charms of the Pomeranian but want a slightly larger dog. The Norwegian Lundehund and the Shiba Inu also have a size in between the husky and the pomeranian, and the particular charms of the original breeds.

Responsible breeders 

If you ultimately decide on a pomsky, make sure the breeder only uses pedigreed dogs as parents. They must also have passed the required health tests for each breed. Visit the puppies at home and take a look at the parents and the environment. Character and socialization in the first weeks of life are decisive for the dog’s life. Never buy dogs of dubious origin that are sold to you in a trunk.

If you want an adult pomsky, you can look for mixed-breed dogs in a shelter. You’re not likely to find a Pomeranian/Husky mix at a shelter near you, but it’s not impossible either. You’re sure to find sled dog or spitz mixes, which can be just as charming as their designer congeners.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a designer dog, a shelter mongrel, or an established breeding spitz. The important thing is that you are very happy with your furry one.

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