Is it possible to cut the hair of a Pomeranian?

Is it possible to cut the hair of a Pomeranian?   

The Pomeranian breed, besides being charming for its endearing expressions and affectionate character, is the one with the highest volume and density of hair of the spitz group. The oldest companion dogs, which means more time of dedication and care to maintain a healthy and beautiful coat.

If you have come this far, it is likely that you have a Pomeranian as a pet or that you are considering adopting one of these dogs.  You want to know more about the care of their coat. That is why in this article we want to explain to you if you can cut the hair of a Pomeranian and what care it needs.

Happy Pomeranian in grooming session

Characteristics of the  Pomeranian’s coat

The double coat keeps this tender breed safe from the cold and with a very particular beauty. We observe a first undercoat of soft, thick and fluffy hair, as well as an outer coat of long, smooth and rough-textured hair, which covers the whole body. Also, its coat has a great variety of shades, such as black, white, brown, orange and grayish.

However, during the molting season, Pomeranians can have a rather damaged and spoiled coat. For this reason, it is necessary to remove some of the coat from time to time. We will be able to help them to have a coat that is as or more beautiful, voluminous and shiny than before.

Special care of the Pomeranian’s coat 

Because of its length and volume, typical of cold climates, it is necessary to take care of the Pomeranian’s coat regularly. It is recommended to brush the coat every day and, if this is not possible, at least twice a week. Try to do it from puppyhood so that he gets used to it and does not develop fears.

If we find a knot when combing it, we should try to undo it with the comb or even with our fingers gently. If it is not possible, we should use the scissors to cut the knot, always cutting as little as possible. In this way, we will achieve that our little furry one has a clean, silky and knot-free mane.

Bathing your Pomeranian

As for the frequency of the baths, it will depend on the frequency with which our dog gets dirty, but it is advisable not to exceed one bath per month. The thickness of the coat together with the layer of grease will prevent dirt from reaching the skin. So if we brush the dog regularly, we will keep its skin clean and without the need to bathe it constantly.

It is recommended to untangle the coat well before wetting it and use a moisturizing shampoo suitable for its long and voluminous coat. Such as shampoo with mink oil or Show Spirit moisturizing/volumizing shampoo, always avoiding contact with the eyes and ears.

After applying the shampoo evenly all over the body with a massage and leaving the product to act for the time specified on the package, remove the soap with plenty of water. This step can be repeated once more. Next, it is important to moisturize your mane with a conditioner to prevent the hair from becoming damaged and dry.

Afterward, we must dedicate some time to drying the hair, directing the dryer from bottom to top and against the grain if we want to add volume. Also, we can use a natural bristle brush or boar brush to add volume and avoid static.

It is of vital importance to periodically groom the smallest of the spitz group, especially during the molting season. as this will help them to adapt to both cold and heat. A visit to the grooming salon at least twice a year (coinciding with the change of seasons and molting season). For the Pomeranian grooming will help us to complete the care of the coat of our adorable dog..

Happy Pomeranian in grooming session

Can you cut a Pomeranian dog’s hair? 

While we can cut a Pomeranian’s hair very sparingly, it is not advisable. The natural growth of the Pomeranian’s coat with proper and minimal grooming will ensure that the small dog’s coat remains healthy, fluffy and elegant.

Being molting dogs, they do not require haircuts, as their nature is to keep their coat at a more or less equal length throughout the year. The undercoat being somewhat denser in winter due to the cold. Even so, the hair can be slightly cut to give it its characteristic rounded shape, as well as grooming the paws, pads, ears and anus for comfort, hygiene and good image.

Warning, do not do with the coat of your Pomeranian.

However, what is very important is never to shave the Pomeranian’s hair with a machine, because the hair follicles of his hair are very delicate. When shaved, they could atrophy, even causing the hair not to grow anymore. Also, by removing the hair, we would expose our friend to cold in winter and heat burns in summer, constantly unprotecting his body.

Likewise, if it is cut too short even without shaving, the hair will take a long time to grow back. Some fashions such as the Boo cut can cause what is commonly called post-clipping alopecia, a serious health problem for our friend that exposes him to sunburn, changes in coat color or hyperpigmentation of the skin among others.

The best option is to visit a professional dog groomer who knows how to fix and shape your dog’s hair with professional scissors. Not all hairstyles are recommended or suitable for Pomeranian dogs, so only the specialist can advise us to what extent we can fix the hair of our dog without causing damage to the coat or health problems.

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