9 Curiosities about the Pomeranian

9 Curiosities about the Pomeranian 

A dog with an elegant appearance and good manners, but with a marked instinct to protect its own. Such is the Pomeranian, a variety recognizable by its dazzling coat and fox-like features. At home, Poms are good companions who need a lot of contact with their family members to keep them in balance. Does this type of dog catch your attention? In this post, we tell you 9 curiosities for you to know them much better.

1 – In their origins, Pom were bigger 

The variety of dogs from which the Pomeranian originates was larger and of arctic origin. As they became domestic dogs, they were crossed with smaller breeds. Because of this, they changed anatomically until they had their present appearance. Today they are classified in the Toy group.P

Pomeranian old style



Is it possible to cut the hair of a Pomeranian? Read it here


2 – In Germany, the Pomeranian is known as German Dwarf Spitz or Toy 

The Pomeranian variety is part of the German Spitz group of dogs, which also includes the Keeshond, the Giant Spitz, the Medium Spitz and the Miniature Spitz. It is considered one of the oldest native varieties in Europe.

3 – Pom females to the power

A peculiarity is that the females are usually more corpulent than the males. A Pomeranian “lady” can reach 3.5 kilogrames, a considerable weight considering that the height standard for the breed, according to the FCI, is about 20 cm. Why is this? It is believed that this greater weight may be due to the need to have a more resistant body to procreate with less risk.

4 – Pom molt before the year 

Shedding is a common process in puppies of many breeds, which can be more problematic in a Pomeranian due to its abundant coat. Puppy to adult shedding occurs between 8 months and one year of age. At this stage, you should take extreme care of his skin and make sure that he is not exposed to too much cold during the winter.

Because of their double coat and their Nordic origin, Pomeranians tolerate low temperatures well, but not extreme climates with several degrees below zero. Regarding their hair, as they age they can lose it in localized areas of the body, a process that – normally – you should not worry about.


5 – Inseparable companion of some celebrities 

Queen Victoria of England is often mentioned as a great enthusiast of this breed. One of her favorite Pomeranians even accompanied her on her deathbed. But, the monarch is not the only personality who shared her life with one of these little ones. Other great lovers of these German Toy Spitz were the queen of France, Marie Antoinette, the famous French writer, Emile Zolà, and the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Nowadays there are many celebrities who choose the Pomeranian as a companion dog.

6 – Pomeranians survivors of the Titanic

The fame of this variety spread spectacularly at the beginning of the 20th century, due to one of the greatest naval tragedies in history. Two Pomeranians were among the few dogs that survived the sinking of the Titanic. Of course, both belonged to the most affluent class of the passengers. They were “Lady”, a female that accompanied Miss Margaret Hays and a male of unknown name that traveled with Miss Elizabeth Rothschild.


7 – Beware of Birds of Prey

Because of their small size and striking coat, Pomeranians can become perfect prey for some birds, such as hawks. Therefore, be careful not to leave them alone in the yard or open fields if you know that these birds of prey are around. Pom can also be targeted by carnivores such as foxes and badgers. If you live in rural areas, make sure you have a secure fence to avoid unpleasant surprises.


8 – Pomeranians are like miniature engines. 

Poms have a very fast metabolism. They have a very small stomach, in tune with the rest of their body, which means that they consume calories at a high rate. This translates into specific feeding patterns. Ideally, they should eat several meals a day, but in small quantities. You will have to get used to a different feeding rhythm than that of other larger dogs.

9 – Do not forget their oral hygiene 

Finally, you should keep in mind that dogs of this variety often have problems with their teeth. Therefore, it is advisable to brush their teeth regularly from 7 months of age. In this way, you will avoid tartar accumulation and other conditions related to their oral health.

Puppy pom with brush teeth

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